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Bring back capitalism by::

GIVING every homeowner, regardless of income, affordability, loan amount , current or delinquent with a loan to value of 80% or greater the same opportunity to receive a modification as outlined by the Negative Equity Streamlined Uniform Modification System of:   A  below market fixed interest rate of 3.0% for a 30 year term  with the additional exclusive bonus of a sliding scale matched equity pay down as the similiar consistent financial incentive, benefit  and advantage to remain a negative equity homeowner as capitalism and the law demands. 

Why?  Wall Street's FEARED consequence of changing the standard mortgage clause of “don’t pay be foreclosed on “ by modifying over 6 million homeowners to avoid the investors guaranteed negative equity loss created a legal precedent entitling all similarly situated parties to a consistent similar financial incentive based on the law of the land. 

It is past time to remove the "fox from the hen house" stopping Wall Street from picking and choosing who receives a capitalistic financial benefit to remain a negative equity homeowner with the staff of the Negative Equity Streamlined Uniform Modification System as a 3rd party intermediatary ensuring that ALL similarly situated parties with the same mathematical + NPV , have the same opportunity to a consistent and similar financial incentive as the law demands before the capitalistic rule of "don't pay be foreclosed on" returns.

Utilizing the Negative Equity Streamlined Uniform Modification System creates a taxpayer free stimulus of well over  6 billion dollars each and every month from the increased disposable income of the lowered modified mortgage payments. At the same time it will speed the process of obtaining affordable housing values for  future homeowners from exisiting foreclosures  and the foreclosed homeowners who refused the modification,  promoting the principle of capitalism and revitalizing our economy with long term economic stability.

The Negative Equity Streamlined Uniform Modification System promotes capitalism as a shared financial loss between the rightful parties, the investor and the homeowner with one set of clear concise and transparent rules and guidelines, to be used by all mortgage holders as a "National Standard Servicer Guideline for Negative Equity Modifications" via each individual servicers customized outsourced web site of the Negative Equity Streamlined Uniform Modification System.

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